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DRINK | The importance of H20 Water is liquid gold ! ?? It makes up the majority of our body weight. Take a look at ALL it?s fine work: ??Flushes out waste from our body ??Regulates our body temperature and blood circulation ??Helps with nutrient absorption: dissolving vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food and delivering to the rest of your body ??Activates your metabolism, positively impacting energy levels ??Proven to assist constipation, kidney stones, UTI?s and hypertension ??Lubricates and cushions the spinal cord, joints and tissues. It can also lessen arthritic pain ??And of course, it keeps us hydrated. We would only last a few days without it ! ?? DRINK WATER WITH MEALS ? Guidelines: ??A glass of water 30 minutes before a meal helps digestion, as well as preventing over-eating. ??During a meal is not recommended; it may dilute digestive juices. - Wait an hour or so after a meal to help with absorption. So, next time you?re deciding what to drink, reach for the H20 and your body will thank you. ?? Pinterest

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